Quick Thoughts: New Apple Stuff

Apple TV 2010 ($99)Well, we got a slew of new Apple announcements/products today, and here’s my quick run-down.  Of course, everything is awesome, but i always like to point out a few flaws.  Here’s my quick run-down.

Apple TV ($99)

This is definitely the most interesting of the announcements for me.  Unfortunately, its awesome size wasn’t enough to sell me. Although at $99, this is mighty tempting.  The price point is clearly the big winner here. This thing will do all the standard Apple/iTunes stuff, plus Netflix (!) and a few other not-so interesting web stuff (YouTube, Flickr, etc).

Unfortunately for me, the big drawback is the 720p max resolution. That’s not too bad, but I’m an HD snob, and 720p is just not HD for me.  Especially on my world’s largest 52″ Sony Bravia XBR KDL-52XBR6 in glorious 1080p.  Granted, Netflix is only streaming 720p max so far these days, and my RIDICULOUSLY SLOW (and therefore over-priced) Comcast connection seems to stutter even in 720p, despite speed tests always showing over 20Mbps.

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