Fall TV Preview

Well, after a relatively slow summer of TV, I’m getting excited for the new Fall Shows.  I was extremely disappointed at most TV sites’ coverage which only included the major networks. TV is shifting quickly to cable, and the internet ain’t moving with it so fast.  It was tough to track down all the non-network gems. And I’ll tell you, SyFy sure makes it extra hard to track down their coming season, so I hope i didn’t miss any here. Here’s my take for now:

The Old Favorites

Mondays: How I Met Your Mother, Chuck
Tuesdays: NCIS, Glee (I keep giving JC McNamara the benefit of the doubt, but this one’s spotty), Will these guys syrvive the move from Fryday: Stargate Universe, Caprica (Oct 5), Sons Of Anarchy (10pm FX)
Wednesday: Modern Family
Thursday: Community, 30 Rock, The Office, Fringe
Friday:  Sanctuary (Oct 15 – What else will be on the standard Fryday Nyght Syfy? I couldn’t tell.)
Saturday: Zippie!
Sunday: The Amazing Race, The Simpsons (Is this thing still on?), Eastbound & Down,  Bored to Death (Yes, it is)

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